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FinTech Point has bright, talented & skilled IT people.

FinTech Point provides payment scheme IT services. We currently working with 30+ Banks/financial institutions through ICPS Ltd (a subsidiary of HPS Group) and support their Card Payment services. As we all know there are lots of bright, talented & skilled IT people in Bangladesh. We offering our clients a better service from more professional people which is less expensive and comes with a long-term service benefit.
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The Ultimate Payment Processing Experience: Seamless, Secure, and Reliable

``As a leading payment processor, the success of our partners is our top priority. We strive to leverage the most innovative FinTech solutions, utilize the latest technology and provide reliable processing services spanning through the entire electronic payment systems. All of our services are geared towards serving banks and financial institutions across the globe.``

- FinTech Point Team

Fintech Services

Fintech services include Switching and Routing, International Sponsorships, Business Intelligence, Digital Services, API Integrations and Consultation. These Fintech services are tailored to drive growth in the digital era.

Issuing Services

FinTech Point provides various services that support banks and financial institutions in processing transactions with international schemes. These services include Card Personalization, Card Management System, Tokenization, Instant Card Issuance and Wearables.

Acquiring Services

FinTech Point provides a range of acquiring services, including merchant processing and transaction routing, by connecting banks with local switches and international schemes. FinTech Point also offers services such as POS Supply and Management System, Merchant Management System, Payment Gateways, Merchant Portals, and ATM Management System. By leveraging these services.

Security Services

FinTech Point security solutions are designed to offer comprehensive tools to stay ahead of potential threats. These solutions include Fraud Management Systems for all types of transactions, including those related to e-commerce, card payments and non-card transactions, as well as ACS 3D Secure, Safe Guard, Machine Learning and AI, Safe Net and Safe Charge Back.

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